12 juillet 2007

J'ai 144 000 rimes en moi...

OZ... Poet !

Too many prisons and not enough schools
Too many weapons and not enough tools
Not enough teachers, too many fools
But me, I'm from where fights is born
I'm from where nights is dawned
I'm from the ingredients spit from the sun
I formed an allegiance with the number one
The letter A, the beginning of the day
The way, the wisdom, the wish, the will, the river, the tree
The try, the trek, the rub of the neck
The ball of the foot, the back of the thigh
The glitter of the eye
Appeared at what’s he’s intrigued by
Tried by what he’s believe by
I have taken on the likeness of love, the harbor of hate
The hell of here and the wonder of the whereafter
I've discerned the disaster
And drank Dom Perion and Armageddeon
I have drank the sacred ambrosia
Housed in the chalice of the rebellious cherubim
Disguised with quarter juices
I have died toothless
And been reborn a hundred and forty-four thousand times
I got a hundred and forty-four thousand rhymes
For every brain cell
But I waste away in a cell

Oz - Saison 2 Episode 5 Family Bizness

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